London, United Kingdom

I know, I know, I know, I am very far behind on blogging.  So far behind people are asking my family if everything is alright because I’m not posting.  Well everything is fine and going great.  I just have no time to blog🙂  Let’s go back a bit and I’ll check in about June in London.

Now originally we were suppose to go to Istanbul, Turkey for June; however, Remote Year determined it wasn’t safe for us to go and instead sent us to London.  Looking back on the events that occurred in Turkey during June, it was the correct decision to not send us there.

During our time in London I actually took a quick trip back to Michigan to attend a wedding and catch up with family and friends.  With a week away it meant I didn’t have time to explore outside of England like I wanted, but I did make the most of my time there exploring the history, museums, palaces, beautiful countryside and many other places.  Here are some pictures to show my excursions.  (And yes almost every picture is cloudy, because the sun rarely came out during our time there).


Snickers was chilling with me while I was working from home.


The Palace of Westminster and Big Ben which houses the United Kingdom’s Houses of Parliament.  I took this picture while on the London Eye, the ferris wheel.


Buckingham Palace during the changing of the guards.


The British Museum, a free museum of “Everything the British have stolen from around the world” according to our tour guide.


Tower Bridge, not to be confused with the London Bridge.


A soldier standing guard outside of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London.


Westminster Cathedral, the Catholic cathedral for the Diocese of Westminster.


Westminster Abbey, which is neither an abbey or a cathedral because it belongs to the Church of England and not the Catholic Church.


The classic red phone booths, along with Westminster Abbey in the background


Windsor Castle, a royal palace just outside of London. Queen Elizabeth was actually there when we were.


These Roman Baths were discovered in the 1800s but date back to the Roman occupation of England in the 1st century. The green color is from the water not moving.


Our rainy visit to Stonehenge


Standing on the Prime Meridian in Greenwich. This is where 0 degrees longitude is dividing the world into the East and West Hemispheres.